Recumbent Star Trac Exercise Bike -”gym quality fitness equipment” at home

With a recumbent Star Trac® exercise bike the home gym can be turned into a cardio training zone. You would not be reading this if you were not well aware of the exercise benefits to your metabolism, burning calories and fat, and the conditioning of the heart and lungs. Add in the benefits of exercising from the recumbent position with the ergonomic lumbar support avoiding excess strain on your back, arms and hips. The ST Fitness 8720 Recumbent Bike is the updated to the original 8710 in this recumbent Star Trac exercise bike model line.
Several of the features of the ST Fitness 8720 Recumbent Bike stand out as ways to showcase this exercise benefits of a recumbent bike.  One simple feature is the walk-through design. It is just easier than lifting your legs over the middle. You will notice this ease of getting on and off the bike is quickly becoming standard feature on the higher quality bikes.
Additional features found on the Model 8720 Star Trac exercise bike that help make the workout more pleasurable, are the mesh back pad to the seat that gives breathing room between your back and the seat and the easy to read LCD multi-color screen, these make the rest of the machine’s built in programs. These are the little things that can annoy you just enough not to use it, which is silly, but that is the reality for most people. This machine does not give you those excuses. Other features to bring the most comfort to your workout include 3 positions for the padded seat, wheels and rear handle to move it easily from place to place.

The nitty gritty for the ST Fitness 8720 Recumbent Bike , the parts that truly matter are 20 level of resistance intensity that can be worked with 6 program file, 3 hear rate programs and 2 custom profiles to use. The reading displayed on the LCD screen include speed, distance, RPM, time elapsed, calories burned, heart rate, and watts. Heart rate is monitored with telemetric and contact systems. With these gym quality fitness equipment features, anyone can take advantage of superior recumbent bike exercise benefits by being able to switch between programs to avoid building up muscle memory.

Star Trac has been in the fitness equipment business since 1974. Currently they have two large facilities in California, one for administrative, research and development and state of the art manufacturing. Nearby is the shipping, parts and customer service facilities. So with this professional set-up has little trouble keeping the StarTrac line in stock. With the outstanding company warranty for 50 years on the structural frame, 10 years on all parts and 1 year on labor you can count on a gym quality fitness equipment in your home.

BiG, one of the leading fitness equipment online retailers in the country,  backs this up with a 31 day satisfaction guarantee. You should feel confident with your choice of the ST Fitness Recumbent Bike Free Shipping, not to mention a 110% low price guarantee on all BiG FiTNESS equipment is the icing on the cake.

To enjoy your fitness workout to the utmost potential, what better way to do that than to use superb equipment? An Star Trac Recumbent Bike is just what you need for the most bike exercise benefits available for your fitness regimen. Make sure you include the ST Fitness 8720 Recumbent Bike for your fitness equipment needs. You will never be disappointed with this gym quality fitness equipment designed for your home.

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