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Stamina magnetic recumbent exercise bikeStationary cycling is one of the most effective low-impact aerobic exercises. The Stamina Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike 1350 is an highly affordable option giving an effective cardio workout that will increase metabolism for efficient calorie and fat burning, and at the same time the least the impact on your joints.

This works because you are in a semi-reclined position, or recumbent, giving you the ability to work all of your major muscles in your hips, thighs, and buttocks. This bike is not the big fancy exercise bike with bells and whistles, but it has what you need at an affordable price to let you make that commitment to a longer life through better cardio health.

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Take A look At the Benefits You Get From the Features

  • This magnetic recumbent  bike gives you a workout that is so quiet and smooth that you can even watch the news or a DVD on TV or listen to music during the workout.
  • It also features an adjustable heavy-weighted flywheel resistance and belt drive train, that lets you pedal the bike smoothly no matter the resistance level. Its light weight, and wheels lets you move it in and out of convenient positions.
  • The built-in InTouch® monitor displays large easy to read speed, distance, time, and calories burned numbers. Intensity is easily adjusted with the convenient tension knob. Track your progress in the scan mode without pushing buttons while exercising.
  • A heart rate monitor gives constant feedback to help keep you within that target heart rate. Keeping your target heart rate between 70%-85% of your maximum heart rate is easy to do with these features found on the Stamina recumbent exercise bike line.
  • Comfort is always a key factor with exercise equipment. Even with this budget priced bike, the Stamina Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike 1350 is designed for comfort. Most important is that the seat is adjustable and padded. In addition over-sized foot pedals hold the feet securely in place. Easy on and off is accomplished with a walk-through design.

Stamina as a manufacturer had been making exercise equipment since 1987. They have made a name for themselves originally bringing the Pilates line to the mass market. They were the first to capture the infomercial market and their product and development team continue to develop new products.
A Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike comes with a three year warranty for the frame and 90 days on the parts.

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There are several advantages to ordering your exercise bikes with

  • The Free Shipping Offer applies to this bike.  It will  help keep the cost down. When comparison shopping, be sure to take that into consideration.
  • has their own guarantees for the delivery and condition of the machine etc when it arrives.
  • Their Automated Return Center deals with all returns and exchanges with a liberal 30 day policy.
  • You will find convenient shipping information prominently displayed when you first load the page. For example, with the Stamina Magnetic Recumbent Bike 1350 it says that it is in stock, and will ship in 24 hours or less.

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