Recumbent Star Trac Exercise Bike Newest Model ST 8730

The Motto of the Star Trac exercise bike is FIT STARTS WITH YOU™ and with this upgrade to the popular 8720 model, the ST Fitness 8730 Recumbent Bike is designed to keep you wanting to stay fit and dedicate yourself to the cardio workouts that will make an improvement in your health, not to mention making your primary care physician very happy. The benefits of good regular cardio workouts range from the conditioning your heart and lungs will get, to taking steps to raise metabolism, and burn off those calories and fat. While you are building your physical endurance, a cardio exercise plan will gives you an mental and emotional boost you need and get you in better shape to tackle what life throws in your direction.

It is easy for a company to say they do these things, what in the features of the ST Fitness 8730 Recumbent Bike shows you they mean it?
Well the comfort features always play an important role, it is the lamest, but easiest excuse to use not to get a good cardo or calorie burning work out in. This Star Trac exercise bike not only has a walk-through design, that is becoming more popular, but also has swing away arm rests to make getting on and off a breeze. Add that to the comfort of the reclined, recumbent position with a large, lumbar support, comfortable seat and back rest that gives you a tension-free workout. These can be adjusted to three different positions so it should be easy to get into the most beneficial mode to work the machine. The frame is sturdy enough to hold people up to 350 pounds, but lightweight enough that with the help of the built-in wheels on the front of the machine it can be moved around in the home from storage to where you want to use it. All family members should be able to use this machine.

Since the recumbent design is the selling point of this style bike, you need to make sure that the technology is up-to-date as well. The ST Fitness 8730 Recumbent Bike has a self contained power supply, so you could call it a green machine. It has fingertip controls so you can toggle way as needed to adjust the speed and incline and to make other adjustments as you go to your programs. With 20 levels of resistance and 6 program profile, 3 heart rate profiles and the ability to custom design 2 workout profiles, there should be no excuse not to find the right mix to fit your individual need as well as those for the rest of your family.

Keeping rack of all the necessary data is easy on the bright and multi-colored LCD display. Cardio data is kept via a strap, so you do not need to keep your sweaty hands on the handlebars at all times. With the ST Fitness 8730 recumbent bike They keep it basic, making the use of the LCD display intuitive and not something you need a manual for each time you use it (Speed, RPM, Time Elapsed, Calories, Distance, Heart Rate, Watts)

When ordering exercise equipment online you want to be sure you online store is reputable. has been in the business for almost 20 years, with a retail, catalog and online ordering option. They ship thousands of machines each month. ST Fitness 8730 Recumbent Bike is usually ready to be shipped in 4-7 business days.

The best thing about BiGFiTness website is how organized the information is when you click onto the sales page of any model bike. The first two things you see, after the picture is the shipping information, if it is in stock, how long it will take, and the price, including any discounts you get due to their 110% low price guarantee, which shows they are monitoring the competition. Even still if you find a lower price, and can document it for them to verify, they will honor it, including withing the first few days after ordering. There are clear and easy to understand explanations on the site, you have to search for it, but it is with the general About Us information.

Each holiday that comes around, there will be a site-wide sale, that is advertised with a colorful pop-up on the site you can’t miss when you log in. It is usually 5% off the total cost. It would be worth checking out now, and waiting until the next holiday to order with that deal.
The other good thing I like about BiGFiTness is their instant financing offer through GE. You can apply and get approved right there on the site. For an expensive machine, this could be a life saver. Again, this information is easily seen when you first click onto their site.

Free Shipping!

Fortunately BiGFiTness has a Free Shipping Policy within the 48 landlocked states, so there will not be that surprise amount added to your total. However if you choose to, you can pay for them to come into your house and assemble the machine, which in many peoples mind is money well spent.

Anyone in the market for a recumbent bike will do well to check out the ST Fitness 8730 Recumbent Bike at where you can find this bike and a large number of other exercise equipment and accessories right at your clicking fingertips. With their wide range of cardio options, your Star Trac exercise bike will be able to take yous as far as your imagination and motivation take you on the road to a heart healthy and long life.

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