Recumbent Exercise Bike- Top 10 Physical Benefits

Recumbent  is used to describe an exercise bike where you are sitting low to the ground and lean back in a reclining or almost lying back position. Who knows why they do not call them reclining bikes! Most of the top companies win the exercise bike market make a recumbent bike in addition to the upright models.

Here are the top ten physical benefits of  recumbent exercise bikes.

1.These bikes are ergonomically sound, which means the design of the bike maximizes your workout productivity by reducing muscle fatigue by spreading energy use equally over the body. This gets you efficient, evenly distributed weight, so you never overextending any one set of muscles.
2. It also allows for relaxed abdominals.
3. Your aerobic capacity is improved. It simply makes breathing easier and deeper, without having to put much thought into it like when jogging or road biking.
4. The LCD monitor keeps track of heart rate, pulse, length of workout and the high end models can calculate body mass, calories burned and fitness tests.
5. A large and comfortable bucket seat creates a comfy resting position with your typical bicycle seat soreness.
6.This comfy seat also exercises those gluteal muscles as the legs pedal back and forth.
7. There is  less  strain on the arms, shoulders and neck than found when exercising on an upright bike.
8. The reclining position does not  hurt the lower back, which for many is the reason they do not working out or join a gym.
9.  These bikes have a multiple  levels of resistance built into the system, so over time you can build the degree of resistance to make the most of the workout.
10. There are also a variety of built-in programs that will challenge you and give you choices each time you use it.

These  benefits will let a beginner gradually build up difficulty and resistance levels.

More advanced users get  variety and choices.

Of course, this machine is not magic, it needs to be used regularly, the workout needs to be long enough to create a good aerobic benefit and the user needs to pay careful attention to the heart and pulse rates conveniently recorded while working out.

As with any exercise program, consult your personal doctor before joining a gym or purchasing a piece of equipment.

Here is a list of the companies with quality bikes at different price and feature levels.


Proform, Crescendo

Mid range

Schwinn,  LifeFitness Life Cycle,  Tunturi

High End

Nautilus,  StarTrac

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