Gym Quality Fitness Equipment With Life Fitness Lifecycle

The popular Life Fitness Club Series Recumbent Lifecycle Exercise Bike seems to have mastered the art of creating motivating workouts with benefits from the ergonomic comfort of the recumbent position. You can use a gym quality fitness equipment  from the comfort of your home with knowledge you are using the world-wide respected Lifecycle from Life Fitness. They are known for their quality, reliability and durability in other words top quality workouts  found in their exercise equipment for home models.

The main feature that makes this Life Fitness exercise bike give you a truly productive workout is the type and variety of programs offered that meets your needs and helps to achieve your goals. You can work in the standard classic mode, cardio mode and specialized workouts. Classic workouts include the manual settings, hill, Resistance , sport and random options where the cardio modes will use fat burning, and heart rate intensive choices. Speed and Interval training are part of the special modes that also bring in Cascades and Kilimanjaro options. The all important Cool Down mode is standard for all programs.

The Wireless Lifepulse digital heart rate monitoring mechanism uses a chest strap, so you don’t have to always have your hands on the handlebars when keeping track of your target zone. This not only shows you the current heart rate, but it keeps track your target zone details as well. There are about 20 other helpful options for data are included like details on the calories burned, and a variety of time and distance information, which mode you are in, and your workout profile and workout feedback.

This machine is a self-powered machine and does not need any wires or batteries. 20 built in resistance levels are powered by a self contained alternator, so your LifeFitness exercise bike can be easily moved to any room.

The advertised ergonomic comfort comes from several key features on this Life Fitness Lifecycle. The recumbent adjustable seat has a contoured high back and comfort seating that gives the lower back ultimate support. 34 positions are available to make the fit the best for you. The handlebars are located both up where you would expect and down on each side of the seat which lets you rest your arms while working. The wide pedals are self leveling and include straps so no worries about the feet slipping off the pedal during the workout.

Additional comfort on your LifeFitness Lifecycle will come from the extra added amenities, that may not add to the quality of the workout, but make the workout more comfortable in general. These include the built in reading rack and an oversized dual access tray.

The Life Fitness Club Series Recumbent Lifecycle Exercise Bike comes with a Lifetime warranty on the frame, 3 year with parts and 1 year labor (for USA). When ordering exercise equipment for home through BiG FiTness and their FREE standard common carrier shipping, you can expect it to be shipped in about a week. Instant financing through GE is an additional feature available as part of the convenient ordering process. Their 110% Price Protection Policy (not including discount stores) will assure that you will find reduced price sales most times you check out the product, often at a 5-10% discount. If you are patient and check back frequently there will be a seasonal site-wide sales which is generally 5% off the total order. has been in business since 1991 and delivers over 2000 pieces of gym quality fitness equipment to the 48 mainland states each week. They themselves have a 31 Day guarantee. Since the shipping is free, you might want to take advantage of the In Home Assembly Optional Service for any LifeFitness exercise bike runs about $200.

If you were planning on getting a gym quality fitness equipment anyway, you can start now with this comfortable and motivating  now on a brand new The Life Fitness Club Series Recumbent Lifecycle Exercise Bike at found

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