A Home Fitness Exercise Machine That Works

When looking for a top quality fitness exercise machine, those who have come to respect the Life Fitness and their worldwide reputation as the top brand found in health clubs will be sure to check out the Life Fitness recumbent bike line. One of the more popular models is a Life Fitness R3 Recumbent Bike that not only gives you a smooth quiet ride, but also has quite a few thoughtful additions to deliver the most comfortable ride.

One feature of the Life Fitness R3 Recumbent Bike that is important to many who are in the market for a home fitness exercise machine is the self-powered technology, which means there are no cords, no outlets, no worries about adding cost to your electric bill, and at the same time it lets you move the machine to wherever the machine fits best, without having to be concerned with an outlet.

When it cones to comfort you can expect the Life Fitness exceptional attention to detail. The seat has a breathable mesh fabric back and can be adjusted to 13 different seat and reclining positions. This assures that the right fit will be found for all shapes and sizes and leg lengths. On top of that the self-balancing pedals have enhanced non-slip cushioning with straps so there will never be a worry or annoyance when the foot slips off the pedal as you rev up the workout session to get a great 20 minute cardio in.

With the Life Fitness R3 Recumbent Bike , you will be given two choices of consoles. This lets everyone have the same durability and life time warranty on the frame, and the use of the 20 resistance levels built into the design, but gives a choice of the degree of features displayed on the LSD display.

The Basic console has all of the essential programming needed to begin and maintain an effective fitness program. It essentially has everything you would need and then some with the five basic workouts all machines have, a quick start and cool down feature and contact heart rate hand sensors. The read out goes beyond the basic time, speed,distance and calories burned found on most machines to also include things like time of day, time within target zone, and the time and distance remaining. You can do just fine with the minimum data, but for the basic console to include features normally found in the more advanced machines is a real plus.

The Advanced Workout console of the R3 model, adds more variety and more intense programs to help the serious workout enthusiast better reach their fitness goals. For example the five added heart synch program features included will help you target the cardio benefits you need to get you into the healthiest position possible. Due to the heart synch program added readouts like RPM, Watts and METs and program modes for warm up that most cardio training programs highly recommend. This Advanced feature adds $300 to the cost of this life fitness exercise machine..

One of the more reliable online stores for a Life Fitness recumbent bike is BiGFiTness a retail store in Rhode Island that has an active catalog and online store shipping thousands of machines to the landlocked 48 states and eight provinces of Canada (Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan) each week.

Free Shipping!

The Free Shipping Feature is one of the hallmarks of BiGFiTness. With fitness exercise machine that can weigh at least 150 lbs or more, that significantly reduces the cost. It must be said, that this only means delivery to the residence. You pay extra to get it to your front door or to have them bring it inside and assemble. There are no secrets about how long it will take to ship as the estimated shipping dates are listed in plain site as soon as you click onto the product details. For the Life Fitness R3 Recumbent Bike will ship out within one to two weeks.

Another benefit of using BiGFiTness as your Life Fitness recumbent bike vendor is their 110% lowest price guarantee. This is reflected immediately when you click onto the product details. The price is right there along with any slashed price reductions that reflect the lowest price guarantee. Read the About Us section carefully as they spell out all the shipping, price guarantee and warranty details in clear, bullet points that are easy to understand.

Anyone who is in the market for the Life Fitness R3 Recumbent Bike , will do well to order from BiGFiTness and take advantage of their superior reputation in this business. You will be taking the first steps to a healthier, longer life with the benefits you will get from steady, consistent exercise program that will help burn calories and give you a cardio workouts.

Gym Quality Fitness Equipment With Life Fitness Lifecycle

The popular Life Fitness Club Series Recumbent Lifecycle Exercise Bike seems to have mastered the art of creating motivating workouts with benefits from the ergonomic comfort of the recumbent position. You can use a gym quality fitness equipment  from the comfort of your home with knowledge you are using the world-wide respected Lifecycle from Life Fitness. They are known for their quality, reliability and durability in other words top quality workouts  found in their exercise equipment for home models.

The main feature that makes this Life Fitness exercise bike give you a truly productive workout is the type and variety of programs offered that meets your needs and helps to achieve your goals. You can work in the standard classic mode, cardio mode and specialized workouts. Classic workouts include the manual settings, hill, Resistance , sport and random options where the cardio modes will use fat burning, and heart rate intensive choices. Speed and Interval training are part of the special modes that also bring in Cascades and Kilimanjaro options. The all important Cool Down mode is standard for all programs.

The Wireless Lifepulse digital heart rate monitoring mechanism uses a chest strap, so you don’t have to always have your hands on the handlebars when keeping track of your target zone. This not only shows you the current heart rate, but it keeps track your target zone details as well. There are about 20 other helpful options for data are included like details on the calories burned, and a variety of time and distance information, which mode you are in, and your workout profile and workout feedback.

This machine is a self-powered machine and does not need any wires or batteries. 20 built in resistance levels are powered by a self contained alternator, so your LifeFitness exercise bike can be easily moved to any room.

The advertised ergonomic comfort comes from several key features on this Life Fitness Lifecycle. The recumbent adjustable seat has a contoured high back and comfort seating that gives the lower back ultimate support. 34 positions are available to make the fit the best for you. The handlebars are located both up where you would expect and down on each side of the seat which lets you rest your arms while working. The wide pedals are self leveling and include straps so no worries about the feet slipping off the pedal during the workout.

Additional comfort on your LifeFitness Lifecycle will come from the extra added amenities, that may not add to the quality of the workout, but make the workout more comfortable in general. These include the built in reading rack and an oversized dual access tray.

The Life Fitness Club Series Recumbent Lifecycle Exercise Bike comes with a Lifetime warranty on the frame, 3 year with parts and 1 year labor (for USA). When ordering exercise equipment for home through BiG FiTness and their FREE standard common carrier shipping, you can expect it to be shipped in about a week. Instant financing through GE is an additional feature available as part of the convenient ordering process. Their 110% Price Protection Policy (not including discount stores) will assure that you will find reduced price sales most times you check out the product, often at a 5-10% discount. If you are patient and check back frequently there will be a seasonal site-wide sales which is generally 5% off the total order.

BigFitness.com has been in business since 1991 and delivers over 2000 pieces of gym quality fitness equipment to the 48 mainland states each week. They themselves have a 31 Day guarantee. Since the shipping is free, you might want to take advantage of the In Home Assembly Optional Service for any LifeFitness exercise bike runs about $200.

If you were planning on getting a gym quality fitness equipment anyway, you can start now with this comfortable and motivating  now on a brand new The Life Fitness Club Series Recumbent Lifecycle Exercise Bike at found BiGFiTness.com