If you are really lucky you can find a quality commercial recumbent bike that is priced for home use. The FreeMotion Light Commercial Recumbent Bike r7.7 will fit that bill. Lots of these higher quality machines have been put on sale to help move stock during the slow down of the economy. Even before that, this bike is in line with many other bikes commonly found in the home.

Since it is a higher end commercial recumbent bike it will have quite a few features to make the home exercise experience the best possible for you, and frankly to feel you are getting your money’s worth. By giving you one of the most comfortable workouts that any user would ever experience.

What kind of features of the FreeMotion light commercial recumbent bike could brag about that level of comfort?

With a recumbent bike, comfort of course is built in as you are sitting in the most relaxed position possible, with the only muscles being taxed are the legs. This can give you the cream of the crop low impact workout. With this bike you start off with comfort and then take it to the next level helped by the low frame profile that allows for easy entry/exit and no having to lift your tired legs over apparatus .
For one there is an integrated fan, that can be set to low, medium and high. This is a true comfort as one of the problems with any work out machine is how hot you get and the sweat that pours down your face and back, your hands get sweaty. The fan would seem like a gift from heaven, and might even be enough motivation to keep the session going a little longer or not stop before you should because of how hot you are.

Comfort can be measured in many ways, and with the FreeMotion Commercial Recumbent Bike r7.7 you are able to plug in a CD or MP3 player directly into the console means listening to your specially calibrated workout music or just your favorite tunes can keep you more relaxed than you already are from being in the reclined position of the recumbent bike

As with most of these bikes the extra-wide pedals with secure footings, combined with the adjustable seating that fits to your height and toe straps for secure foot placement will get you set in the best position for you workout. What you get with this is smooth pedaling with hardly any noise. What more could you ask for?

With the you can be sure that the data tracking is up to date an easy to use. The FreeMotion Light Commercial Recumbent Bike’s trademark quiet resistance and intensity levels and program choices have been made to be as simple to use as possible with the touch of a button that lets you pick the program you want and know it will keep track of the heart rate and let you make sure you do not go past your target zone while keeping track of the distances you have pedaled and all the other bells and whistles you expect. This is where the commercial recumbent bike comes in handy as their technology is high tech and accurate. For many people it is a comfort to have the same data systems that you find in the fitness center. That keeps the learning curve down.

The warranty for FreeMotion fitness equipment is lifetime for the frame and a few years for parts and labor which is pretty standard in this business.

Free Shipping!

When ordering exercise equipment online you want to be sure you online store is reputable. BiGFiTness.com has been in the business for almost 20 years, with a retail, catalog and online ordering option. They ship thousands of machines each month.

The best thing about BiGFiTness website is how organized the information is when you click onto the sales page of any model bike. The first two things you see, after the picture is the shipping information, if it is in stock, how long it will take, and the price, including any discounts you get due to their 110% low price guarantee, which shows they are monitoring the competition. Even still if you find a lower price, and can document it for them to verify, they will honor it, including withing the first few days after ordering.

There are clear and easy to understand explanations on the site, you have to search for it, but it is with the general about us information.
Each holiday that comes around, there will be a site-wide sale, that is advertised with a colorful pop-up on the site you can’t miss when you log in. It is usually 5% off the total cost. It would be worth checking out now, and waiting until the next holiday to order with that deal.

The other good thing I like about BiG FiTness is their instant financing offer through GE. You can apply and get approved right there on the site. For an expensive machine, this could be a life saver. Again, this information is easily seen when you first click onto their site.

Fortunately BiGFiTness has a Free Shipping Policy within the 48 landlocked states, so there will not be that surprise amount added to your total. However if you choose to, you can pay for them to come into your house and assemble the machine, which in many peoples mind is money well spent.

Anyone in the market for a commercial recumbent bike will do well to check out the FreeMotion Light Commercial Recumbent Bike r7.7 at BiGFiTness.com where you can find this bike and a large number of other exercise equipment and accessories right at your clicking fingertips. With their wide range of programming options, this FreeMotion fitness equipment will be able to take you as far as your imagination and motivation take you on the road to a heart healthy and long life.

Visti BiG FiTness for: FreeMotion Light Commercial Recumbent Bike r7.7